4 Months and Counting

Wedding planning is coming along very nicely.  I was kinda nervous that my control freak would kick in and I would turn into a Bridezilla, but thus far that has not been the case (knock on wood).

I have started the DIY portion of things. Since it is winter and cold up here (although, again knock on wood, not nearly as bad as last year) knocking this stuff out now makes sense. I've got the cake topper finished and I'm working on the boutonnieres now. The theory isn't matching up to the reality so I need to do a little more work there, but it's coming on. The bouquet will be next, although I need to let that percolate a little longer.

I'll be having my second muslin fitting tomorrow for my dress. Once we get that squared away, it is fabric purchasing and sewing time! I am super excited for this dress. I'll wear it again, although I'm not entirely sure where. Although, I run with a crowd who likes nothing more than finding excuses to wear corsets and dress up, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Caterer is locked in, baker is all set, Officiant and venue are the same person (my brother) so all is good there. Basically, the only thing I'm even a little worried about is getting a couple porta-potties, since my brother's septic system can't handle 50 people.

We still have things we need to do, like figure out the ring situation, the parking situation, and the barn is going to require several weekends worth of work to make it presentable.

But for just four months to go, I'm really chill. I feel like we've got all the big stuff sorted and the rest is relatively small and easy to fix should something go awry.

Here's to hoping I still feel this way in three and a half months!


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