Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Project 251: The Force Awakens

On Sunday, I went in to work as I was covering for someone who took some time off. It turned out to be a slow day however and they sprung me early. As we still had the better part of the afternoon, Best Guy and I went out for lunch and then checked a few towns off the list. We're still sticking pretty close to our home base and we can only do five before we get sick of the driving, so this is going to take us a while. Still, I think the pictures show we're having a fun time! Now, if I could just stop being a back-seat driver in the passenger seat, we'd be all set.

#28: Essex. I actually work in Essex but we both agreed that taking a picture
in front of my workplace was a no-go. Especially since I'd just left there
a scant 90 minutes previously. 

#29: Jericho. Not too far from where I work, but we're always passing through
on the way to somewhere else. Usually my Mom's.

#30: Underhill. It's a lovely, blink-and-you'll-miss town. But we took a lot of
back roads from there (many I'd never been on) to get to...

#31: Bolton. The mountain ski resort is Bolton Valley. Lovely views. We stopped at the sign.

#32: Huntington. Where the Community Garden is growing... snow?

Who knows where we'll end up next? At least we won't make you wait until 2017 for the next installment.

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