Saturday, November 14, 2015

Project 251: Because We Needed some Freakin' Fun

Because this past week was so emotionally draining for both of us, we celebrated surviving with with cake and alcohol last night.
Yeah, that totally happened. We regretted those last bites of cake way more than the third shot of whiskey.

This morning, the initial plan had been to take care of some chores like grocery shopping and Costco, but once I got coffee in me I decided that I wanted to do only fun things today. So, we decided to knock off some 251 cities by going through the Islands in Lake Champlain. There are just five cities/towns up there, but the going can get bad in the winter so we decided to get them done while the getting was still good. So, here, they are:

23: Alburgh. Not only is it half-way between the equator and the North Pole, it is
also the most Northwestern town on our list. So.... CORNER PIECE.

24: Isle La Motte. There were leaves. They needed tossing.

25: North Hero. Best Guy was enthralled by the pirate ship on the playground. I asked
if he wanted to go play on it, but he passed up that golden opportunity. For shame, BG, for shame.

26: Grand Isle. Yep. 

27: South Hero. Unfortunately named beach. Beautiful view though.

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