Sunday, November 15, 2015

I've Written 1,000 Posts Here.

As of this one, anyway.

I guess other bloggers offer prizes or somesuch when they come to milestones such as this. But then, I never really did this for the reader count, obviously. I'm not making any money off this blog whatsoever. It's not my way of life. It's simply a means to an end for me. That you, Dear Reader, are here at all is just icing on the cake.

With the emotional and mental stress of the last couple of weeks finally over, I find myself in a unique position. My new schedule at work won't kick in until after Thanksgiving, which was intentional on my part. As a result, I am on-call for a significantly reduced amount of time. I am calling this my un-vacation. 

For the next couple weeks, I will have 3-day weekends and more time generally to re-focus and re-tune myself. I am focusing on Self-Care: healthy foods, yoga, dance, getting instead of giving a massage, meditation, time to exercise and be in nature. I am going to do my best to not over-schedule myself and to do what I need to build myself back up again. Odds are pretty good I won't have any real time off until my wedding, so I want to make the most out of this that I can. 

The last few weeks have really brought home to me that I still have a lot of Work that needs doing. What I thought would take care of the "problem" (the second job) instead served to highlight how far I'd sunk into the spiral. I will have a long journey back and obviously two weeks won't be enough. But it will be enough to get me settled and on the path, at least. 

There is so much beauty and joy surrounding me; I want to bathe in it and soak it up.

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