Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Giving Thanks

The days are officially too short for comfort, the temperature has finally nose-dived, and this morning saw our first spit of snow in my part of the state. Thanksgiving is just two days away and the stores have been inching the Christmas stuff out since August.

Yep, it's officially the End of the Year.

Over the last, well, far too many to count years, by the time I get to this point I'm all "thank freaking gawd this is almost over. Here's to hoping next year sucks less."

I'm not saying that this year.

This year has been off-the-hook amazing. Sure, I definitely had some hard bits; things I don't care to re-live in any way shape or form. On the whole, however, it's been a pretty kick-ass year. I have so much to be grateful for, and even now I'll look around and say "how is this even in my experience?!"

Okay, I don't say that. There is usually a curse word or two involved, but I was trying to class this post up a little. 

Ha ha.

So, as this year winds down I can't help but look around and be overwhelmed by my good fortune. I am blessed, and I sincerely want that for all others. 

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