Monday, October 5, 2015

My New Dance Troupe

Earlier in the year, the dance teacher and friend I had been religiously studying under moved out West. It was heartbreaking for many in the dance community, as she had built a glorious tribe of Feminine Energy Warriors across the state. From college students to middle age women, she supported journeys and opened doors. She - by way of dance - gave many a voice and a confidence they'd never had before.

After her departure, there was a determination to keep things going. The tribe by distance and sheer necessity had to disperse. There are many striving to keep the dance language going, and without fail when any of us get together we can share a common pattern, even if the accents are already changing.

About a month ago, a few close dance friends and I determined that we needed to keep this going, and formed a small troupe of four. Unlike the college kids still going strong in another part of the state, we are older and lend a more mature voice to the melee.



When we first decided to make this official, we asked our former teacher if we could keep our old group name. She was okay with it so long as we still held to her ideals. After some thought, we determined that as much as we agreed to that and wanted to continue on, we needed a new name, a new start, a new definition of who we wanted to be together. So we settled on Leanan Sidhe. It's pronounced "le-NON SHE".

In Celtic lore, the Leanan Sidhe are beautiful fairies who inspire artists to great and wonderful heights. But those glories come at a cost, for the Sidhe inevitably drive the artists insane and/or to an early death.

We are looking to offer theatrical pieces that tell stories and integrate belly dance, dance, and pretty much anything else we deem appropriate. The eventual goal is to develop and integrate our own style to the one our friend so generously shared with us.

It is exciting to be a part of something again. I spent a large portion of the year missing my tribe. I am ever grateful that it was merely taking a hiatus.

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