Sunday, October 4, 2015

It Would be a Lot Easier to Say this isn't a Wedding Blog if I Started Talking about Something Else

We have a date chosen. We have a venue and time frame chosen. We even have an officiant chosen (we just haven't actually asked them yet). We also have a Chick of Honor and Best Dude chosen (see last parenthetical statement). We have a pretty good idea already of generalities, although we've plenty of time yet for specifics. I'm sure things will change many time over between now and May 21st (squee!) but that is the nature of the nuptual beast.

I am finding myself frustrated by the lack of information available for non-traditional weddings. Everything out there is geared to the young 20-something who is enraptured with the idea of a $30,000 white and pastel frothy wedding. Even the "budget" guides often assume that you're cheaping out on a $10k budget. The few $5k budgety ideas I find go back to still having the froopy "wedding of your dreams" without going broke.

I am very adept at finding ways of making things work for me. Take a little here, tweak a little there, and boom! There you are. But still. It would be nice to have advice for the bride who doesn't want a white wedding, doesn't want to spend the equivalent of a house down payment, and is mature enough (and maybe confident enough) to say to people "this is how I want my wedding to be. If you don't like it or agree with it, then don't come." Seriously, yo. If I see one more advice column dealing with questions like "We don't want to do a First Dance. How can we tell our family without them freaking out?" I'm going to throw something. Holy fuck Girl. Grow a pair of TaTas and don't have a first dance. There. Problem solved. If your family is freaking out over a lack of a first dance then there are much larger issues at play that have nothing to do with your wedding.


Sorry, that's been bugging me.

I don't even know where I'm going with this. I guess I'm just kind of feeling a little out on a limb by myself. I know this event is going to rock it six ways from Sunday. It would just be nice to find others like myself who have some good advice for this DIY'er.

One last note... we knocked off one more city on our 251 Project yesterday. Here you are, Number 19:

Richmond. Where I lived when I met that Goober in the picture next to me. 

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