Saturday, October 24, 2015

Do What You Love and the Money Will Go to The Person Exploiting You

I have noticed lately that I know a disproportionate amount of people who are dissatisfied with their current career/job/employment. Some are extremely overworked, some are bored out of their minds, and some are bone-searingly sure they're in the wrong career. Others are in that vague state where no matter what they do they are unhappy, but can't for the life of them figure out what to do instead.

And every single one of them is stuck where they are because leaving means they literally lose everything. There are no savings, no investments to live off while they reformat into something that will fulfill them and bring them happiness. No one is living beyond their means; but rather no matter how much they earn it is still a near paycheck to paycheck situation.

I know so few people who can honestly say "I love what I do for work. It's not work for me. I'm fulfilled in my career." Basically, I know just enough people saying this to let me know this can be a possibility. So if it is, why do so many of us linger in vague dissatisfaction or worse, abject hate of our professions?

Human history is full of examples of a few getting rich off the back-breaking labor of the many. In comparing where we are with where we've been (and still could be in a number of places in this world), we've got it easy. Even as we struggle we are blessed and lucky to have all that we do.

Even as we complain about the price of that coffee maker or the quality of that t-shirt, we ignore the fact that the job we hate is allowing us to buy those things, and in our richness exploiting those who make things in deplorable conditions.

We have somehow become a global economy where no matter where we are on the ladder, we are exploiting those lower than us. There are so few who are working to lift others up in to some form of equality; and those who are get burned out quickly from the struggle.

When you see people as people and you wish them happiness, it is heartbreaking to see that it is so difficult to find. We spend our entire lives working; you would think we would all be able to do things that lift us up and fulfill us. Instead, we spend our best years working to fulfill someone else and come to resent everything because we end up with so little. And yet, it is still more than many as most of us come out out of it with our lives (even if not our health) intact.

I really don't know where I'm going with this. The battle cry of "This isn't fair!" is hollow and childish. Changing anything seems to be not only an uphill battle, but an impossibility.

All I know is that I see loved ones struggling and I wish for them peace, happiness, and fulfillment. I wish I could offer that to everyone, everywhere, but I am only one person and I must start with those closest to me.

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