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Do What You Love and the Money Will Go to The Person Exploiting You

I have noticed lately that I know a disproportionate amount of people who are dissatisfied with their current career/job/employment. Some are extremely overworked, some are bored out of their minds, and some are bone-searingly sure they're in the wrong career. Others are in that vague state where no matter what they do they are unhappy, but can't for the life of them figure out what to do instead.

And every single one of them is stuck where they are because leaving means they literally lose everything. There are no savings, no investments to live off while they reformat into something that will fulfill them and bring them happiness. No one is living beyond their means; but rather no matter how much they earn it is still a near paycheck to paycheck situation.

I know so few people who can honestly say "I love what I do for work. It's not work for me. I'm fulfilled in my career." Basically, I know just enough people saying this to let me know this can be a possi…

Sometimes You Have to Stop and Wonder

Today is Thursday. I have somehow managed - despite now having two jobs - to continue having this day and my weekends free. It means working three 12 hour days, but still. My Thursdays are still blissfully, blessedly mine.

I often use them to get chores done so my weekends can be free for fun. I'll go out to the bank, run errands, make appointments, etc etc. The nature of the Massage Therapist beast is that it can be difficult to take time off. Because more often than not, if you're working for someone else you don't get time off. No sick days, no vacation days, and if you're working at a spa attached to a hotel, you don't get holidays either.

Which is one more reason I need to get my private practice up and running, but that's neither here nor there.

Today, after spending the last three weeks running around without any kind of break, I decided to take it easy. In fact, it's after 3pm now and I have yet to leave the house. I'm kind of actually not plann…

Project 251: Doin' it up Fall Foliage Style

Not that you'll actually see any pictures of leaves or anything. Just our beautiful mugs.

I Seem to Have a Lot to Say Lately

1. I've started Weight Watchers again. I would like to permanently misplace about 12 pounds. Everything I've tried for the last year or two hasn't worked at all and with a certain event just seven months away, I figure now is the time. This will give me ample opportunity to lose the weight, put it back on over Thanksgiving and Christmas, and then lose it again. I am nothing if not a planner. I have access to a blog over on that site (that is not shared with anyone who is not a member) so I will be using that to chronicle my journey instead of whining about it here. I'm sure you're fine with that.

2. I have a new (part-time) job that starts... today. Yikes! It was all kind of sudden and still a little up in the air for various and sundry reasons that I'll not post here. I probably shouldn't post this here either. But I did. WHAT. Look at me, shooting the bird to convention. Under the table. Where no one can catch me doing it. If all goes according to plan, i…

My New Dance Troupe

Earlier in the year, the dance teacher and friend I had been religiously studying under moved out West. It was heartbreaking for many in the dance community, as she had built a glorious tribe of Feminine Energy Warriors across the state. From college students to middle age women, she supported journeys and opened doors. She - by way of dance - gave many a voice and a confidence they'd never had before.

After her departure, there was a determination to keep things going. The tribe by distance and sheer necessity had to disperse. There are many striving to keep the dance language going, and without fail when any of us get together we can share a common pattern, even if the accents are already changing.

About a month ago, a few close dance friends and I determined that we needed to keep this going, and formed a small troupe of four. Unlike the college kids still going strong in another part of the state, we are older and lend a more mature voice to the melee.




It Would be a Lot Easier to Say this isn't a Wedding Blog if I Started Talking about Something Else

We have a date chosen. We have a venue and time frame chosen. We even have an officiant chosen (we just haven't actually asked them yet). We also have a Chick of Honor and Best Dude chosen (see last parenthetical statement). We have a pretty good idea already of generalities, although we've plenty of time yet for specifics. I'm sure things will change many time over between now and May 21st (squee!) but that is the nature of the nuptual beast.

I am finding myself frustrated by the lack of information available for non-traditional weddings. Everything out there is geared to the young 20-something who is enraptured with the idea of a $30,000 white and pastel frothy wedding. Even the "budget" guides often assume that you're cheaping out on a $10k budget. The few $5k budgety ideas I find go back to still having the froopy "wedding of your dreams" without going broke.

I am very adept at finding ways of making things work for me. Take a little here, tweak…