Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Apocalypse Has Come (and it has a Color Theme)

Best Guy proposed Tuesday night. It is Sunday morning. Since then, I have:

  • Purloined an old copy of Vermont Brides from my work (it was in the break room so fair game)
  • Purchased the most recent copy of Vermont Brides
  • Started a wedding book
  • Narrowed down a venue
  • Narrowed down a date
  • Started two Pinterest boards
  • Started filling the aforementioned book/pinterest boards with ideas
  • Started designing the layout of one of the venues
  • Started researching non-traditional ceremony ideas
  • Started researching the feasibility of self-catering 
  • Looked up the next date of the local Bridal Expo (November! Boo-ya freebies!)
  • Drove my brother crazy with my questions so now he's ignoring me
Kind of jumping the gun a little bit considering that we're looking at early June for a wedding date. We would love to do it sooner (like, tomorrow) but we want to hold it outside if possible and in Vermont, that isn't possible November through April. Even May can be iffy. 

Even though I've been deep into party planning mode, the reality is that both Best Guy and I are very anti-Wedding Establishment. Also, as a lackadaisical Pagan (me) and an agnostic Jew (him), pretty much all religious traditions are out the window. We believe that the $30,000 "average" currently being spent in the United States on weddings is farking ridiculous. We are both determined to put on a great party for significantly less.

Why buy a froo-froo $50 pastel wedding binder full of crap you won't need when
you can buy a $10 journal, $6 markers and $3 post-it notes? Things like time-lines
and to-do lists? Print out free of the internets. BAM.

We are certain we can plan a wedding and reception for less than $5,000. In fact, BG would prefer to keep it to $3,500 (the low end of our budget window), and as game as I am to try and shoot for that I'm not sure how feasible it is. We don't plan on cutting corners; far from it. We are simply certain that we can have everything we want out of this shindig without going broke. 

We are determined to make this event uniquely our own, and have fun in the process. Plus, I hear there is a cake tasting somewhere in all of this....

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