Sunday, September 27, 2015

Project 251: The Journey Continues

On Saturday Best Guy and I went up to visit my brother. He has graciously allowed me to entertain the idea of having the wedding at his place, so we went up yesterday to check things out.
I am not above making my guest trample through a field if the views are like this.

Between the gorgeous views (he promises to mow) and the awesome barn he's got we're pretty sure we can make something awesome happen there by the time the wedding comes around. Plus there are huge lilac trees all over the property and they'll be in bloom. hashtag free decor.

Since we were traveling an hour north, we decided to knock off a few 251 locales while we were at it. And now... our latest installment of: Best Guy and Kate Make Fools of Themselves in Public Places:

Literally across the street from my brother's house. They took our pic. I wanted to do something
 funky like a backbend but it was a Veteran's Memorial so.... not so much. 

We took two pictures in Sheldon in order to fulfill my brother's artistic vision regarding this sign.

We are standing in front of a tin cow (just below the Fairfield sign). There may be a picture of me kissing it.

There is apparently a long and involved reason why there is a St Albans Town...

... and a St Albans City. But it goes in to economic politics and I'd just rather get on with my day.

And there you have it! 18 down, 233 to go!

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