Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Keep On Keepin' On

The last seven days of been a whirlwind of crazy emotions, and this coming weekend for me will be every bit as busy (although not at all emotionally horrific). I am spending this week preparing for the weekend, where I will:

  • Teach my first-ever belly dance class
  • perform 2 hours of spot massage for a local church doing a "spa night"
  • perform the Raindrop Technique for a dear friend
So, to prepare I am loading and developing a playlist for the class, remembering how to dance in a Cabaret style (I've been doing more Tribal Fusion this past year or two), gathering enough massage equipment to last two hours, and, oh yeah, teaching myself how to do the Raindrop Technique.
Yeah.... not a Cabaret piece...
In addition to all of this busyness, I am also preparing for my one-year anniversary with Best Guy, just six days from now. 

Taken on maybe our fourth or fifth date. Goobers Forever!
In addition in addition, I have finally made the decision to start my own private practice. Everyone I have confided this to has expressed something along the lines of "it's about time!" I am in still early days yet, having come to this conclusion just last Thursday, before the Buddy poo hit the fan. I am giving myself an official start-time of January 2016, but the reality is I will probably be unofficially practicing before then.

Crazy September Days, yo. 

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