Dearest Buddy

It is with a very heavy heart that I write this. We took Buddy to the vet this morning to get an X-ray. It showed that he has a stomach tumor which has grown so much that it ruptured a bit of his intestines. The bloat that we've been worrying over is a result of the rupture: gasses and possibly liquids leaking into his abdomen.

Due to his age and poor health, anesthesia and thus surgery is not recommended.

Best Guy is on his way home from the vet now, with the Budster. We've taken tomorrow off and plan on showing him the best 24 hours he's ever had. At least, as much as he's willing to experience.

We are both heartbroken, but we don't want him suffering. We know this is the best choice for us all.

Even though he's only been in my life for a short time, he takes up a very large portion of my heart.

He's a Good Dog.

He's a very Good Dog.


Jenn said…
Oh my goodness - I just travelled over from The Woman Works, and I have to leave all kind and peaceful thoughts for you and Buddy. Pets have a way of getting into your heart like that. He is a very good dog. And I can hear in your words that he is a very loved dog.
Kate said…
Thanks very much, Jenn. <3 I know he's still with us and I see him all the time, happy and excited, ears forward, smile on his face, ready for an adventure.

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