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Project 251: The Journey Continues

On Saturday Best Guy and I went up to visit my brother. He has graciously allowed me to entertain the idea of having the wedding at his place, so we went up yesterday to check things out.

Between the gorgeous views (he promises to mow) and the awesome barn he's got we're pretty sure we can make something awesome happen there by the time the wedding comes around. Plus there are huge lilac trees all over the property and they'll be in bloom. hashtag free decor.

Since we were traveling an hour north, we decided to knock off a few 251 locales while we were at it. And now... our latest installment of: Best Guy and Kate Make Fools of Themselves in Public Places:

And there you have it! 18 down, 233 to go!

Control Freaks of the World Unite! In an Orderly Fashion! Along that Wall Over There! According to Height!

I have made no qualms about the fact that I am a control freak. It ranges from "totally cool and No Big Deal" on my best days to "I'm going to spend 30 minutes freaking out over a window blind" on my worst.

Not that the last one has ever happened.


Shuffle feet look at the ground mutter incoherently under your breath.

Thank god I was alone at the time and there was no one to see me at that less-than-stellar moment.

I don't always have to be in charge. In fact, a lot of times there is nothing I like better than to give someone the reigns, walk away, come back a few days later and enjoy the fruits of their labor. However, when you are planning your own wedding on a very strict budget that is not an option.

Best Guy and I are going to be coordinating everything, and a lot of this is going to be DIY. Including, possibly, the catering. Yes, we have the better part of nine months to plan this. Yes, we could probably pull it all together in two weeks and have…

The Apocalypse Has Come (and it has a Color Theme)

Best Guy proposed Tuesday night. It is Sunday morning. Since then, I have:

Purloined an old copy of Vermont Brides from my work (it was in the break room so fair game)Purchased the most recent copy of Vermont BridesStarted a wedding bookNarrowed down a venueNarrowed down a dateStarted two Pinterest boardsStarted filling the aforementioned book/pinterest boards with ideasStarted designing the layout of one of the venuesStarted researching non-traditional ceremony ideasStarted researching the feasibility of self-catering Looked up the next date of the local Bridal Expo (November! Boo-ya freebies!)Drove my brother crazy with my questions so now he's ignoring me Kind of jumping the gun a little bit considering that we're looking at early June for a wedding date. We would love to do it sooner (like, tomorrow) but we want to hold it outside if possible and in Vermont, that isn't possible November through April. Even May can be iffy. 
Even though I've been deep into party plan…

Good News Everyone!

Ahem. For the Futurama fans.

If you read my last post, you'll remember that September 15th was our first dating anniversary.

Dawwwwwwww. We were gooberously sweet.

It got even worse after Best Guy proposed and I said yes.

(wait for bomb drop)

What what??????

That's right. The girl who never thought she would get married is now in the beginning stages of planning a wedding. That's right, Control Freak Herself gets to plan a wedding.



Not that I'm excited about it or anything.

I'm sure in the coming months I will share more with you about this than you care to experience. But for now, I will leave it to share with you how gloriously happy we both are.

Wedding (!!!!!!)

Happy One

I met Best Guy online. Before we met in person, we spent a fair amount of time messaging back and forth on the Dating Site. I asked him how he came up with such an original band name, and his reply was "meet me for a drink and I'll tell you."
I thought he had some chutzpah so I agreed to meet him for a drink at a local cidery. Because we have those in Vermont. We have a lot of those in Vermont. I think we've become the unofficial artisanal hard cider capital of the world.
That was one year ago today. Exactly 365 days ago we met for the first time, sampled a flight of ciders, ate cheese and crackers, and delighted over pub fries. We talked. And talked. And talked.
We have pretty much sampled the gamut this past year: love, loss, new jobs, moving, home renovation, travel... you name it, all of the things that "test" a relationship were thrown at us. And we held on to each other and kept going. One of us may have been laughing hysterically while the ot…

Keep On Keepin' On

The last seven days of been a whirlwind of crazy emotions, and this coming weekend for me will be every bit as busy (although not at all emotionally horrific). I am spending this week preparing for the weekend, where I will:

Teach my first-ever belly dance classperform 2 hours of spot massage for a local church doing a "spa night"perform the Raindrop Technique for a dear friend So, to prepare I am loading and developing a playlist for the class, remembering how to dance in a Cabaret style (I've been doing more Tribal Fusion this past year or two), gathering enough massage equipment to last two hours, and, oh yeah, teaching myself how to do the Raindrop Technique. In addition to all of this busyness, I am also preparing for my one-year anniversary with Best Guy, just six days from now. 
Squee! In addition in addition, I have finally made the decision to start my own private practice. Everyone I have confided this to has expressed something along the lines of "it's…

Dearest Buddy

It is with a very heavy heart that I write this. We took Buddy to the vet this morning to get an X-ray. It showed that he has a stomach tumor which has grown so much that it ruptured a bit of his intestines. The bloat that we've been worrying over is a result of the rupture: gasses and possibly liquids leaking into his abdomen.

Due to his age and poor health, anesthesia and thus surgery is not recommended.

Best Guy is on his way home from the vet now, with the Budster. We've taken tomorrow off and plan on showing him the best 24 hours he's ever had. At least, as much as he's willing to experience.

We are both heartbroken, but we don't want him suffering. We know this is the best choice for us all.

Even though he's only been in my life for a short time, he takes up a very large portion of my heart.

He's a Good Dog.

He's a very Good Dog.

Insanity: Doing the Same Thing Over and Over and Expecting Different Results

Both we and our next door neighbor have large crab apple trees in our front yards. Odds are very good they were planted at the same time, as they are about the same size. I wouldn't be surprised if they went in the same year our homes went up (1969).

For the last couple weeks, I have watched as my neighbor goes out and picks the tiny apples off the lawn and side walk. I couldn't figure out what she was doing. Was she trying to keep the sidewalk clean? Was she harvesting them for canning purposes? I was intrigued.

Over the weekend, Best Guy and I were walking Buddy one afternoon when we came upon her once again out there with a small bucket picking up the fallen fruit. We exchanged our pleasantries, remarked on how full the trees were with apples, and then she dropped "I hate this tree!" on us. We didn't really have much to say to that, so we made our good byes and went on our way.

This morning I saw her out there with her bucket, once again fighting a losing batt…