Monday, August 31, 2015

The Goober Abides

Late last week, Buddy scared the crap out of us. He wasn't eating, was listless, and barfing up massive quantities of... we're not sure to be honest. It got to the point where we took him to the vet on Friday because he was acting so out of character.

Short of getting an (expensive) x-ray or doing something invasive, the most the doc could do was some blood work, which showed an elevated white blood cell count. He was dehydrated and also lost some weight, which didn't surprise us. We think on top of everything else he also pulled a muscle somewhere along the line. He slips a lot on our wooden floor so it stands to reason.

The vet gave him a shot of antibiotics and some pain meds and we took him home. We basically spent the weekend spoiling him rotten since we both feared he might not make it through until Monday. In an attempt to get some sustenance in him I made him some simple food: rice made with chicken stock, a rotisserie chicken I chopped up into small bits (skin included), some broccoli since I know he likes it, and some coconut oil. He kept looking at Best Guy like "I'm allowed to eat this? Really??"

The great news is, it is Monday. He is still kicking along. He seems to have perked up a bit. He is walking more on his walks, he is eating the food, and he is taking his meds. Except for the pain meds; he won't go near those and if we mix it in with the food he stops eating.

His pulled muscle is still bothering him but other than that he has stopped throwing up. He has developed an odd roundness in his torso however. We are realistic that this may be a sign of something more insidious. Right now, we are focused on keeping him comfortable and happy. And, dare I say it, spoiled. Because he's an old pup who has had a difficult year. We knew the steroids would probably be a stop-gap measure.

We'll take him for as long as we can.

My writing companion, who quickly became bored and wandered off to something else.

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