Monday, August 24, 2015

Project 251: The Saga Continues

On Saturday, Best Guy and I used our Project 251 as an excuse to travel south to visit Vermont's Annual Scottish Festival. It was a lot of fun, and kilts were seen everywhere. I have yet to convince BG to don one, but.... some day...


So, here we go!

Men in Kilts doing Feats of Strength!

The Opening Ceremony. Wherein absolutely none of my clans were represented. Ach!
Scottish Dancing. 
Project 251 City #8: Williston. We actually took this picture a couple weeks ago.
We're in Williston weekly so this was an easy one to knock off.

#9: Montpelier. The capital city!

#10: Hartford. We were in Queechee for the festival (and, apparently the Gorge). However,
it turns out the Queechee is *in* Hartford. We're finding a lot of places we thought were towns were
actually just little places tucked inside larger ones.

#11: Woodstock. Hippie Hippie Shake and all that jazz.

#12: Barnard

#13: Bethel, where according to all the movies is where all the survivors always come during an apocalypse.

#14: Randolph

14 down, 237 to go!

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