Sunday, August 9, 2015

Project 251: The Adventure Begins!

There are 251 main towns and cities in the State of Vermont. Back in 1954, an author in Vermont Life magazine suggested that the best way to really get to know the state was to visit every single one of them. Out of this was born the 251 Club. You visit each place and take some sort of photo to prove that you were there. That isn't a requirement necessarily, it just makes things more fun.

Best Guy and I have been floating the idea of seeing all 251 towns and cities for a few months now. Today, however was a beautiful day with nothing going on. We didn't want to stay home, but the idea of hiking another hike was too much. So, we decided today was The Day. We were going to start our Project 251.

Eventually we are going to have to come up with a plan of attack, since some of these places are difficult to get to and may require overnight stays. Plus, we want to minimize back-tracking (having to re-visit three towns to hit one we missed seems a waste to us). So we started simply today: we drove North, veered East, then came back. Just a few easy-peasy nearby towns and some stunning summer Vermont vistas. 

We haven't taken the leap of actually joining the online community yet. For now, we're just doing this on our own.This is for Sundays that beg for something to be done even though we can't really think of anything to do.

And now, I present to you Project  251: The First Seven

Stop 1: Colchester

Stop 2: Milton. We were going to kiss in every picture, but then we
realized 251 pictures of us kissing is a bit excessive.

Stop 3: Georgia. We actually stopped here for lunch. The pizza dough
was so fresh he rolled it out in front of us. Delicious!

Stop 4: Fairfax. Black-eyed Susans are my Mom's favorite flower. Hi, Mom!

Stop 5: Cambridge

Stop 6: Fletcher

Our final official stop of the day (7): Westford
Only 244 more to go. Bring it on!

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