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The Goober Abides

Late last week, Buddy scared the crap out of us. He wasn't eating, was listless, and barfing up massive quantities of... we're not sure to be honest. It got to the point where we took him to the vet on Friday because he was acting so out of character.

Short of getting an (expensive) x-ray or doing something invasive, the most the doc could do was some blood work, which showed an elevated white blood cell count. He was dehydrated and also lost some weight, which didn't surprise us. We think on top of everything else he also pulled a muscle somewhere along the line. He slips a lot on our wooden floor so it stands to reason.

The vet gave him a shot of antibiotics and some pain meds and we took him home. We basically spent the weekend spoiling him rotten since we both feared he might not make it through until Monday. In an attempt to get some sustenance in him I made him some simple food: rice made with chicken stock, a rotisserie chicken I chopped up into small bits (skin inc…

Hashtag Chillin' like a Villain

It is Sunday morning. I slept in. I enjoyed a couple cups of coffee near the open French Doors in our family room. Best Guy is downstairs playing his piano.

There is no place we need to be and no thing we need to do.

It is a beautiful day.

Project 251: The Saga Continues

On Saturday, Best Guy and I used our Project 251 as an excuse to travel south to visit Vermont's Annual Scottish Festival. It was a lot of fun, and kilts were seen everywhere. I have yet to convince BG to don one, but.... some day...


So, here we go!

14 down, 237 to go!

Sometimes the Hardest Lessons are the Most Subtle

Lately I've been getting frustrated with my perceived inability to move forward in one particular area of my life. It has gotten to the point where I have my friend Tonya's voice on a constant loop in my head: Trust in the Universe, Trust in the Universe, Trust in the Universe....

She would get a kick out of that. Hi, Tonya! ;-)

I may very well be exactly where I need to be in this moment, but it's not necessarily where I want to be. So I figure the sooner I can learn this particular lesson the faster I can get out of this damned hole.
Of course, such things can't be forced, and moves made out of desperation (or perceived desperation) always backfire on you in the end. Mainly because you tried to go around the lesson you were supposed to learn. So not only does it kick you back to the beginning, it shovels another lesson or two on top of the original. So then you're piled under a bunch of things you're trying not to figure out because you're so goddamned ti…

Blah Blah Blah...

I've started writing on that illustrious book again. You know, the one I keep starting? The one I've been writing for the last 15 years but never get further than two pages in?

That one.

I've actually got theoretical ideas for three books. But you have to start somewhere.

I started.


I'm actually being very blunt and honest this time around. Which may or may not make the final cut. I've got to say though, there is something very cathartic about writing whatever the fuck I want without worrying how it may or may not affect others.

Because this is my story, damn it. I get to tell it and no one else gets to say how it goes.

At least until the editing process.

Project 251: The Adventure Begins!

There are 251 main towns and cities in the State of Vermont. Back in 1954, an author in Vermont Life magazine suggested that the best way to really get to know the state was to visit every single one of them. Out of this was born the 251 Club. You visit each place and take some sort of photo to prove that you were there. That isn't a requirement necessarily, it just makes things more fun.

Best Guy and I have been floating the idea of seeing all 251 towns and cities for a few months now. Today, however was a beautiful day with nothing going on. We didn't want to stay home, but the idea of hiking another hike was too much. So, we decided today was The Day. We were going to start our Project 251.
Eventually we are going to have to come up with a plan of attack, since some of these places are difficult to get to and may require overnight stays. Plus, we want to minimize back-tracking (having to re-visit three towns to hit one we missed seems a waste to us). So we started simply to…

Maiden Mother Crone

The Maiden/Mother/Crone (or Triple Goddess) archetype is found in most Pagan philosophies. They symbolize the three main stages in a woman's life. Although I have friends that will add a fourth: Maiden, Mother, Queen, Crone; for those of us who have moved on from Mother but have most certainly not reached Crone.

With each of these, there can be a literal definition as well as a more figurative. Maiden can mean a child, a woman not yet experienced in love, or a woman whose nature is naturally fresh and innocent. A Crone could be a withered old woman living off-grid (and I know a few women who would love nothing better), or someone who has come in to her years - young or old - with grace and wisdom. Mother can literally mean a woman who has given birth to another human, or it could mean a woman who is nurturing, caring, and holds a space for those in need.
At 41, I think I can say I am now firmly attached to this transitional decade for women. Many friends who had kids early on are …

Food Shaming and the Middle Age Spread

No, that doesn't mean we give hummus a stern talking to about its nutritional make up.

It is those (almost always) unwanted pounds that seem to creep on after 40 and make themselves at home, like a mooch who doesn't know when their stay has expired.

Mine started creeping on a couple years prior to my decade shift. A couple pounds here, a couple there. A few of those pounds I could attribute to change in muscle mass, thanks becoming a Massage Therapist. But the rest of those pounds? Let's just say they tagged along for the ride, slowly picking up friends as they went.

Today, Best Guy and I met for lunch. We went to a local coop that has a great hot-bar and pre-made section. He hit up the hot food bar and I made my way to the sandwiches. This place makes a great sandwich and they had one of my favorites available. It was a little on the large side and probably made to share, but I wanted it.

We were sitting down to lunch, his reasonable portion and my giant sandwich. A littl…