Friday, July 24, 2015

You Can Choose to Have a Good Day

We've all been there. That day where everything seems to break or bunch up or generally coalesce in to a flaming pile of fuck that shit.

Okay, so I should probably mention here that I've had a glass of wine on an empty stomach.

Moving on.

We've all had those days. Nothing seems to go right and as you're climbing in to bed you say while looking at your partner or say to yourself "well... this was a day. Let's never mention it again, shall we?"

Sometimes we have no control over the things that jump into our path. They appear or stumble in front of us like confused deer on an interstate and it's all we can do to swerve out of the way to avoid serious damage.

Most days, however, we have a choice. There is infinite potential in every morning we manage to crawl out of our beds. You can look at this day and say "oh, not this again," or you can say "well, I've got this thing and I'm not too keen on it, but I'm going to greet it with compassion, humor and no attachment." See what happens.

I'm guessing you start seeing others for where they are in their moment, and for the humor in those same moments rather than the frustration you might otherwise feel if you were in any way attached to the outcome of your day.

Sometimes days suck. But sometimes, you can choose to reframe your sucky day. Laugh at the idiocy of the way things unfold. Because really, it's all one big cosmic joke isn't it? You may as well be in on it.

And now... since I'm in for a penny I might as well be in for a pound. Off to find some more wine.

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