Monday, July 27, 2015

Snake Medicine

A few days ago, I was lucky enough to attend two local workshops integrating movement/dance and inner work. I found both to be immensely gratifying and I am very glad that I bit the bullet and signed up for both, as I didn't really have the money for either.

The first workshop was using meditation in order to deepen your emotional connection and using movement (in this case, belly dance) to express it. I firmly believe that going through this workshop left me open to have a truly transformative experience in the second. The next workshop led us in to a shamanic journey, then used movement while in a trance state to deepen our experience.

Can I just say.... whoa Nelly?

I've gone journeying before, and I know a couple of my Spirit Guides (although I've been told of at least one other I haven't yet met). This time, however, someone new came to party. Snake. This one showed up subtly at first; so much so that I didn't recognize it until much later. But when I wasn't taking the hint, Snake just unceremoniously pushed everyone out of the way and let me know in no uncertain terms just who was inhabiting my body.

It was a surreal experience and days later I'm still trying to figure things out. Whether it was a Kundalini Awakening or a Spirit Guide (and how different are they, really?) it was a Big Deal. Even though I was still there, my body was not my own. I was just along for the ride. And frankly? Finding my way back into my body was difficult. It took almost an hour before I was finally fully "home."

I am still processing the experience and trying to figure out my next steps. One some level it feels like a graduation. On another, it feels like I've graduated to "beginner", if that makes any sense. It was a transformative experience.

Just not sure what I've transformed into...

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