Thursday, June 25, 2015


This weekend, Best Guy and I are throwing a Housewarming Party. As you may guess, I am a happy little Organizer right now, with lists upon lists and then a wipeboard list of things that need to get accomplished before 1pm on Sunday.

We both invited pretty much everyone in the State we knew, and we've gotten a pretty good response if I must say so. When it comes to parties, Best Guy and I seem to have developed the same mindset over the years. We each think we suck at parties.

Which I do not believe is the case. I think we each have blind spots to certain aspects of parties, and where each of us dips the other spikes so this time I have faith that it's going to be a fun time. I love organizing, he just wants to order a pizza. I'm terrible at small talk, he can schmooze with the best of them. He invites people the day before, I send out invites a month ahead of time.

My current worry is that I am not going to have enough food, because my pattern is I usually make just enough for those coming. Since the number keeps shifting and I need to take into account partners and children, the amount I need is more than the number of responses. Plus my bank account is still yelling at me to stop spending money, so I'm trying to balance those screaming voices.

But as they say, in the end it'll all be JUST FINE. People will have a good time, and if the food runs out then we'll just get a couple pizzas.

If the ice runs out, we're screwed.

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