Monday, June 15, 2015

30 Days Already?

Our 30 Day Challenge will be over in a couple days. This month went by very quickly! Best Guy and I were talking about this a couple days ago. I mentioned that had just five or so days left and neither of us realized how close to the end we were. Honestly, if I hadn't said anything we'd have probably kept going.

Which is a very, very good thing.

The Challenge was a rousing success, although both of us had a few tough days. We also had a couple negotiated days in there. About a week and a half in, Best Guy's brother mailed him homemade chocolate chunk cookies. I mean... come on. So half went into the freezer and we declared the day a "free" one. He got some cookies and I got pepperoni on my pizza that night. Then, about a week later we were at a Chinese restaurant celebrating my brother's girlfriend's birthday (henceforth known as my Sister-out-law) and we couldn't tell if one of the dishes was the fake chicken or the real chicken. I took one for the team. It was real. Since I only had one small piece of chicken, BG got just one cookie.

We decided that while we really like how we feel cutting back on his sweets and my meat, the "negotiated days" helped us feel like we were still living life without sacrifice.

With this kind of breakfast, how can you feel like you're sacrificing anything?

So going forward, we've decided that Sundays are official "free" days. We'll keep sweets-free/meat-free during the week and on Sunday Fun Day if we want to treat ourselves we can. There is also a Special Occasion Clause in there where we can negotiate for non-Fun Day consumption if the situation arises.

We're making it a point to not assign a lot of rules to this, mainly because rules and food don't mix well with me, and I start having food issues triggered. But this? This is easy. It will last as long as it lasts, and it will be great for the time we stick to it.

Meanwhile, Best Guy is looking forward to those cookies in the freezer. Which he has informed me he will be eating for breakfast on the 18th.

Looks like I need to buy me some bacon.

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