Monday, June 29, 2015

Clean Up

The housewarming party was a huge success. We had people coming in all afternoon. There was plenty of food to go around, and everyone had a great time. I got to see a lot of people I haven't seen in a while, and frankly I can't remember the last time I was this social.

It felt real, real good.

Between spending 6+ hours in the kitchen on Saturday and waking up at 3:30am on Sunday and spending 12 hours on my feet, I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning. Also, I knew I had to finish cleaning up the house.

You always forget that part.

On the plus side, we've got plenty of food for the week. Best Guy is bringing the leftover cupcakes in to work with him so we'll get those gone. And we have enough beer and wine to last us a good long while. Two different people brought us champagne!!! Yum.

Happy days, you guys, happy days.

Thursday, June 25, 2015


This weekend, Best Guy and I are throwing a Housewarming Party. As you may guess, I am a happy little Organizer right now, with lists upon lists and then a wipeboard list of things that need to get accomplished before 1pm on Sunday.

We both invited pretty much everyone in the State we knew, and we've gotten a pretty good response if I must say so. When it comes to parties, Best Guy and I seem to have developed the same mindset over the years. We each think we suck at parties.

Which I do not believe is the case. I think we each have blind spots to certain aspects of parties, and where each of us dips the other spikes so this time I have faith that it's going to be a fun time. I love organizing, he just wants to order a pizza. I'm terrible at small talk, he can schmooze with the best of them. He invites people the day before, I send out invites a month ahead of time.

My current worry is that I am not going to have enough food, because my pattern is I usually make just enough for those coming. Since the number keeps shifting and I need to take into account partners and children, the amount I need is more than the number of responses. Plus my bank account is still yelling at me to stop spending money, so I'm trying to balance those screaming voices.

But as they say, in the end it'll all be JUST FINE. People will have a good time, and if the food runs out then we'll just get a couple pizzas.

If the ice runs out, we're screwed.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Spending an Hour in Savasana Counts as Yoga.

The past couple of weeks have been difficult for me. I am grateful (immensely, eternally) for the presence of Best Guy, who keeps me grounded when my imagination flies away with me and when my worry spiral starts a-turnin'. He is a true Bright Spot in my life and I thank whoever is listening every day that we met that fateful day last September.

I am currently in the process of re-evaluating my financial strategies, which is a fancy way of saying dude I'm broke I need to make some money. As excited as I was to start this new job, the fact that the only time I ever get any work is when all the other therapists go on vacation is killing my enthusiasm. They keep telling me that they've never been this slow and it will pick up, but I cannot wait until Fall Foliage Season to start making money. The bills that I have due now are pretty specific on that. So I have been floating next steps and ideas and theories around, when I am not otherwise engaged being depressed because I haven't left the house in two days and WHY WON'T BAUER FRIGGIN SHUT UP.
I am generally against the muzzling of animals, but at 3am I tend to change my stance on the topic.


So this morning, I went into my woo-woo room with the intention of getting a proper meditation going. After sitting there for about five minutes, I realized what I really wanted to do was lay down. So I did. For the better part of the hour. I suppose you could call it Restorative Savasana. I lay down on some large flat pillows and used a bolster under my knees and the meditation cushion for a pillow. I covered myself in a blanket and put an eye pillow over my eyes. And for the next little while, I floated with the music.

Savasana (or corpse pose) is often called the most difficult pose in yoga. How is laying on the floor difficult you ask? Well, firstly, the pose asks you to let go and let the floor support you... completely. No holding, no effort, no being ready to jump off the floor at a moment's notice. Just complete release. I can tell you from my massage practice just how difficult it is for most people to let go that completely. I have lost count of the number of times people have informed me how relaxed they are even though they are so wired they are practically hovering over the table.

Secondly, Savasana asks that in addition to letting go of your physical body, you let go of your thoughts, too. No thinking about your post-yoga class commute home, or what you need to pick up at the grocery store, or even your next blog post. Yet - and this is the kicker - you can't fall asleep either. 

Savasana asks a lot of things out of you, which is I think why a surprising number of yoga students will skip this most important end-of-class ritual. It is slowing down. Stopping. No more running so you don't have to face all the things you are running from. We as a society are not so good at that. We run and go and think and do until something (usually an accident or illness) forces us to stop. And listen. 

So this morning, I stopped. I listened. I nurtured myself for a little while. Did I have any revelations? Not really. But I did get some relief. For an hour, the worry stopped. The spiral stopped. There were no what-ifs, no oh no's, no how will I's. Just the Earth supporting me and the music soothing me. 

So yes, an hour of Savasana counts as yoga. Blissful, joyous, deep, painful, heart-opening yoga. 


Monday, June 15, 2015

30 Days Already?

Our 30 Day Challenge will be over in a couple days. This month went by very quickly! Best Guy and I were talking about this a couple days ago. I mentioned that had just five or so days left and neither of us realized how close to the end we were. Honestly, if I hadn't said anything we'd have probably kept going.

Which is a very, very good thing.

The Challenge was a rousing success, although both of us had a few tough days. We also had a couple negotiated days in there. About a week and a half in, Best Guy's brother mailed him homemade chocolate chunk cookies. I mean... come on. So half went into the freezer and we declared the day a "free" one. He got some cookies and I got pepperoni on my pizza that night. Then, about a week later we were at a Chinese restaurant celebrating my brother's girlfriend's birthday (henceforth known as my Sister-out-law) and we couldn't tell if one of the dishes was the fake chicken or the real chicken. I took one for the team. It was real. Since I only had one small piece of chicken, BG got just one cookie.

We decided that while we really like how we feel cutting back on his sweets and my meat, the "negotiated days" helped us feel like we were still living life without sacrifice.

With this kind of breakfast, how can you feel like you're sacrificing anything?

So going forward, we've decided that Sundays are official "free" days. We'll keep sweets-free/meat-free during the week and on Sunday Fun Day if we want to treat ourselves we can. There is also a Special Occasion Clause in there where we can negotiate for non-Fun Day consumption if the situation arises.

We're making it a point to not assign a lot of rules to this, mainly because rules and food don't mix well with me, and I start having food issues triggered. But this? This is easy. It will last as long as it lasts, and it will be great for the time we stick to it.

Meanwhile, Best Guy is looking forward to those cookies in the freezer. Which he has informed me he will be eating for breakfast on the 18th.

Looks like I need to buy me some bacon.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Climb Every Mountain

It has been a while since I've done any kind of updating here.... my apologies!

Things have been simultaneously busy and not-busy here, and I have spent a good portion of my weekends on the go and a good portion of my weekdays worrying about how slow things currently are at my new job. I have been assured by multiple people multiple times that is not the norm and it shouldn't last very long. I'm trying to do that thing where I trust, but it's hard. I am, however, grateful that my Partner has a steady, well-paying job. If I were still single, my freak-out would be hitting maximum levels right now.

Yesterday (Sunday), we were sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast when I blurted out "let's hike something today." It was apropos of nothing, but it was a gorgeous day and perfect for being outside. So we hiked Pinnacle in Stowe Vermont. It was rated "moderate" and I've heard it described as "pretty easy". Um, yes. If you hike regularly. If you don't, well... it's a little more than moderate. But we had a blast and the view from the top was amazing.

I love how they had to chain the sign, I'm guessing because people kept stealing it.

Only 2/3rds of the way to go...

Towards the start of the trail, this guy appeared. Yes, I went in.

Almost to the top

The view from the top. Looking out over Stowe VT and towards Mount Mansfield

Best Guy going for the gold

Cameras never seem to capture just how steep something is...

Also, we had ibuprofin in the car, for which we were both very thankful. My knees are not what they once were.

It was absolutely wonderful spending some time in the woods. As much as I am an urbanite who loves her creature comforts, there is something about the trees, the leaves, the moss, the rocks... they bring me joy in a way I cannot begin to describe.

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