Monday, May 25, 2015

You Can Do Anything for 30 Days

Well, that's obviously not true. As evidenced by my twice-failed attempt at Whole30. I'd link back to those posts but they're way the heck back there and I've had a glass of wine so if you want to go back and read up on that fiasco I'll wait here.

While we were in Quebec City, Best Guy and I were both lamenting on how poorly we'd been eating for the last month. Stress had us making less than stellar food choices, and the week leading up to the move was basically a free-for-all for stress eating.

So we came up with a "challenge" for 30 days, I would go vegetarian and he would give up all sweets. We started on Monday May 18th. So far it's been going really well for me. It feels pretty natural. But then, I haven't had anything to really tempt me. Best Guy has had a slightly harder go of it, but has been going strong.

Last week, I was going through some of my early blog posts and I came across one that discussed why I went vegetarian. It was a very interesting read for me, as I had lost sight of those early reasons amid the craziness into which I spiraled.

I am enjoying being vegetarian for these 30 days, but knowing that at the end of it I can have a big juicy burger if I want helps to ease things along. But then, I've always been able to have that big juicy burger. I just chose the veggie burger. When I was going through Yoga Teacher Training, I chose to go vegetarian for a month as part of my study of ahimsa (the yama meaning "non-violence"). I felt good in that month, but at the end of it I had a choice to make: continue on or going back to being an omnivore. I sat in a restaurant with a good friend and felt the guilt riding up because I wanted to choose chicken over tofu. I chose the chicken and haven't even attempted a vegetarian diet since.

I am using these 30 days to see if I can come to a happy medium in my brain. I feel more at peace with this than I have in a long time. I am hoping I can find some ground where I can be happy with my food choices. This seems to be a life-long struggle for me.

Perhaps that is where I need to find my peace.

I am okay with finding my peace at the bottom of a Tim Horton's coffee cup.

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