Wednesday, May 20, 2015

When it Works...

I consider myself to be a strong, modern woman. I can take care of myself very well, as evidenced by the fact I managed to keep myself alive since moving out of my parent's house post-college. I am strong, I am intelligent, and I am self-reliant. I believe that talents and strengths do not follow gender lines, and that that line is actually pretty damned blurry.

So when I looked up yesterday and realized I was in a "traditional" relationship, it made me take pause. When I mentioned it to Best Guy, he felt the same way I did: interested and a little confused as to how we managed to fall into these rolls.

It wasn't anything we intentionally crafted; far from it. Both of us are firm believers in equal opportunity. We both believe that there are two people in a relationship and in order for it to be successful we both need to be doing our fair share of the work. If one of us is carrying an unfair burden, we both suffer.

It just so happens that I am good at cooking, and I enjoy fixing meals for the both of us. Maybe I'm not so hot at cleaning, but my job allows me more time at home, so I can take care of the things that would otherwise have to be done after work or crammed into weekends. Best Guy has an awesome job that keeps him out of the home during the week., but makes enough so we can afford to buy things (like washers, dryers, and a house to put around them).

We both agree that we are fully contributing, not unequally just differently. We are following our strengths and our relationship is strong as a result. We've also agreed that if at any point either of us feels that we've gone too far into the 1950's that we bring it up ASAP.

Just because I can rock the 50's glam doesn't mean I want to go back there.

Damn fucking skippy.

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