Tuesday, May 5, 2015

So Much Going On!

1. This past weekend I finally came into the 21st Century and got myself a Smartass Phone. I got a LG G3 and so far I am loving it. There's a bit of a learning curve that's going into it, but I'm well on my way to total addiction. Just like every other person in a 1st and 2nd world country.

2. By this time in two weeks, we will be moved in to the new place and wondering where the hell everything is. Holy fracking crapola. We're still packing a little day by day, but it's getting tougher to pack because we're using most of the stuff that's still out. I think we're going to have a very late night next Wednesday, frantically stuffing things into boxes and bags in order to be ready for our 9am Mover's appointment Thursday morning.

3. I started my new job yesterday. I think I'm going to really like it there, once things get up and running a little bit. I'll be trying desperately to find things and remember where things go for a little while, but it shouldn't be too bad. Once I get the hang of the basics, they'll start teaching me how to do all of the fun treatments (wraps and scrubs). I'm looking forward to that a lot.

4. Spring has finally, FINALLY found Vermont. That last several days have been consistently sunny and warm (by anyone's standards, not just Vermont standards). The leaves are popping out so quickly you can practically watch it happen. We've had the windows open for days now, and haven't had to close them at night. *Insert sigh of contentment here*

5. We've finally got Buddy's weight problem under control. But now he has a scratching issue. We're not sure what it is. Vet thinks maybe food allergy, but it's hard to tell. We've taken him off the food we thought was the culprit and put him back on the old food that didn't cause him any problems. That we're aware of, anyway.
The Cone of Shame, which doesn't do much for the scratching but helps
with the licking. The ironic thing is, we think he actually likes the damned thing.

The Vet gave him some antibiotics to deal with the scratches and raw spots he's given himself, and it will also help if there are any mites or anything biting him. The only problem is we think that (1) it's anxiety related and (2) it has become habit, so even if he's feeling better he's still doing it. BG is going to pick up some Valerian this evening and we're hoping that will lighten his load a little, so to speak.

We were both a little miffed that the Vet dismissed anxiety out of hand, especially considering how crazy a move can make people, let alone pets. We've been doing our best to cuddle with him and generally make him happy, but we can only do so much. I can tell him what's going on to my heart's content (we're going someplace new. We're all going. You're coming with us. We're going to stay together) but until his environment gets settled, anxiety is a real concern.

Well... that's what is going on in my world now. Off to cram some more stuff into a box...

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