Monday, May 18, 2015

Finally.... Time to Breathe.

So, this was my Friday afternoon:

That's right, the move is complete. We are in our new home and confounded as to whom this house actually belongs to. Because it certainly can't be us. We're just a couple of crazy kids.

What. The. Friggity Frak.

My Friday evening was spent making the four hour car trip to Quebec City with Best Guy and another of his band mates. That's right, we moved and never even spent the night in the house. We barely spent two hours in it before taking off again. Best Guy's band was playing a festival in QC over the weekend, and frankly it was a nice little vacation from all the stress of moving.

We were able to spend some time in Vieux Quebec. Which has cannons.

 And you guys... Elephants of Scotland killed it. I am so very proud of them.

My god Best Guy is so friggin' sexy. I can't even.

We finally spent last night (Sunday) in our new home.  We had a brief moment of panic over the weekend when we thought one of the cats ran away, but luckily she was found crammed into a corner of the basement, a little stuck and humiliated but no worse for the wear.

I think once we get used to the fact that we have so much space that we're going to really like it here.

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