Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Re-Wilding the Spirit

About a year and a half ago I had a vivid, soul-charging dream:
I was standing in a forest. An old-growth, ancient forest, replete with mossy trees, thick underbrush, streams, rocks... a Forest, with a capital F.   
As I was standing there, I became surrounded by Dryads. They were trying to get me to join them, and I was afraid. I tried to get away from them, but they wouldn't let me leave. Bit by bit, they removed all of my clothing, leaving me naked in the Forest. 
Then I felt the change. I was Them, they were Me. I felt the Power rush through me and there was nothing but joy and ancient knowledge. It was then that I turned and started running. With them behind me, I melted into the forest and knew no one could ever stop me or hurt me. I was Nature Incarnate.
Even all this time later, I remember the way this dream felt. Last year, I even performed a piece inspired by it. Twice.

I believe I was a Wild Child. Happy in the dirt, happy in the trees, in the streams. I believed in fairies; I built little homes for them. I believed I could levitate out of my bed. I believed in the unseen. I believed in Magic. I didn't believe in God but I did believe in ghosts.

More's the pity our society doesn't like it when you believe in such things.

As much as I spent my teens and 20's trying to tamp that Wild down and conform, I have spent my 30's and so far my 40's saying fuck you and trying to get that Wild back.

I know my Wild is pretty tame as compared to a great many others on the path, and I'm okay with that. Wild is what you do with it, how it makes you feel. Wild is power, it is strength, it is courage. It is connection. It is embracing your innate Self and being unapologetic about who and what you are.

So here I am, a Wild Woman coming back into being. If one day you see me running off into the trees and melting away, smile and know I am Home.

Tarnished Angel Studio

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