Saturday, April 11, 2015

Everyday, Life Gives you an Adventure

When I moved in with Best Guy, it was with the knowledge that we wouldn't remain in this location long, and that we would be moving again soon. As much as I was aware of this, I've also done my best not to think about it, because moving is No Fun.


This past Thursday, we received and accepted an offer on the condo. As of today, we are officially under contract. Yesterday we went to look at one home and looked at another four today (we tried for a fifth but there was a huge-ass dog in one and it turns out in the 10 hours between booking the showing and arriving for it, the house went under contract. You could have called instead of letting your pooch do the talking. Moving - ha ha - on).

We looked at one house we really liked, and after looking at all the others, we went back. And decided to put an offer in on that house.

Now the game begins.

Will they accept our offer? What will they counter with? Will we have enough time between now and closing? Will they move the closing date back for us? What will the inspector find that we overlooked? What the heck are we going to do with the front room? Does Pinterest have anything about refacing an ugly fireplace? (Yes, yes it does).

The real estate game is not one I've ever played before. Hell, I frankly never thought I'd do anything but rent, so this is a big deal. I also feel a little on the lucky side as I'm a tad removed from the guts of this. We're selling Best Guy's condo, and it is going to be Best Guy's money buying this house. I'm really just along for the ride.

But all that being said, days like this are an adventure. What are we going to see next? What will we experience? What is the next thing around the bend? What are the bumps? Where are the clearings? How are we going to make this work? Stressful? Yes. But also exciting. Because this is us Building Our Lives Together. And what a crazy, wonderful adventure this will be.

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