Monday, March 9, 2015

Today I Yelled at the Cats. For Being Cats.

That made me feel very big. They wanted to cuddle and I was trying to get things done. I was trying to pay the last of my apartment bills. Then I was on the phone with the cable company trying to figure out why I got a bill when I shouldn't have when one of the cats decides the perfect time to devour my houseplants is when a customer service representative picks up the phone.


It occurred to me that if I had kids the exact same thing would probably happen. Oh, the irony.

I also wasted half a dozen eggs because apparently in the last three months I've forgotten how to hard boil eggs.

Ugh Ugh.

Today is my Sunday. I went into work for three hours. Which is actually five hours if you count the near-hour commute I have.

Ugh Ugh Ugh.

There is something wrong with the dog. He never ate dinner last night and it took him until 3p today to eat anything at all. He barely drank anything in the time I was gone (which is unheard of for him) and he has spent the vast majority of the last 18 hours sleeping, I think. I am worried.

Ugh Ugh Ugh Ugh.

It's too late to nap, so I'm camping out on the couch trying to enjoy the rest of my Sunday while I can.

Thankfully the sun is shining and the temperatures are above zero. I was able to correctly accomplish what I went in to work to do today (I am covering for the manager while she is on vacation). After the egg fiasco, I successfully made egg muffins for work snacks this week. Well, successful as of right now. I haven't tried to take them out of the tin yet.

I have a good book, and I intend to read it. Good books make everything better.

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