Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Things I Do...

Last Thursday Best Guy had a show at a local bar. As he got home late, he decided to take last Friday as a sick day. Ironically enough, I had a slow day at work so I ended up getting the day off as well.

Three-Day Weekend!

Oh, it was so lovely. It was three days of doing whatever we wanted. Brunch, shopping, a road trip to Middlebury, amazing Indian food, a walk around town... I think it was just what both of us needed.
Apparently what we needed included walking on a still-frozen Lake Champlain.
Which did not bring up any "falling through the ice" phobias for me at all. 

Last night BG had another show. Yeah, on a Monday night. "Metal Monday" it's called. They sounded so awesome.
That's my man, front and center. With vikings horns and braids.
(Photo courtesy of Elephants of Scotland

Chilling this morning before work. Thinking I might do some yoga this morning, once the coffee kicks in. It turns out, I'm not 20 anymore. Staying out late on a school night has its consequences.

Worth. It.

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