Wednesday, March 4, 2015

It's A Boy! And a Girl! And another Boy!

I am, apparently, a pet Momma now. So be forewarned that pet pictures will probably be a new feature of my blog. Let me introduce you to my new wee ones.

Esmerelda is no longer my couch. She belongs to the felines now.
The one with the hair sticking up on the left is Bauer. The one in the weirdly impossible position is his sister, Beck. Those are the names they came with when Best Guy adopted them. Something hockey-ish, I'm assuming? I dunno. They love to cuddle and I am convinced that Beck is no ordinary cat, even though she sometimes likes to pretend she is. Her eyes give her away; she says too much with them. Bauer, on the other hand.... he's just a cat. 

This is Buddy. I've posted pictures of him before, but I'm making it official now. He's having some mysterious issues right now that are not easily diagnosed, but are causing him to be very thin. He's still in great spirits and is his usual punk self. He's got me pegged as the softy and tries to get away with an awful lot. Sometimes I let him. 

In other news, the move went very well and I am now mostly settled in my new place. We're still doing renovations on the condo, but we've hired someone to do the worst of the painting so it's nearly over. Once it goes back on the market, we're expecting a quick sale.

Crazy, wonderful days!

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