Compassion: It's Not Just for Everyone Else

I have (finally) scheduled a vacation in April. As per my usual habit, I have waited too long to schedule any kind of break for myself and am now in the awkward position of having to care despite having a difficult time of seeing beyond my own burnout.

Whatever it was, it happened at some point about two weeks ago.

I have yet to figure out why I continue this habit.

It is at this point where I am doing my best to retain my compassion for my clients. This may be the one massage they are able to afford a year. Maybe they are going through major stresses or life changes. Maybe they're in pain.

They deserve compassion. They deserve the best I can offer. They deserve peace: of mind, body or soul.

I also need to remember, however, that I deserve my own compassion too. Knowing that I've waited too long to pick up the self-care habit and that I'm feeling burnt out, I need to do what I can to support myself for the next few weeks. Whatever I can do to let go and ground, I need to do. If that means spending the morning before work in bed reading, then do it. Ahem. If that means a yoga class then go. If that means a Dollhouse marathon on Netflix one night because I can barely think from the exhaustion, then that's what I'll do.

And maybe my next order of business will be to figure out why I feel so guilty about taking time off to nurture myself....


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