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The Things I Do...

Last Thursday Best Guy had a show at a local bar. As he got home late, he decided to take last Friday as a sick day. Ironically enough, I had a slow day at work so I ended up getting the day off as well.

Three-Day Weekend!

Oh, it was so lovely. It was three days of doing whatever we wanted. Brunch, shopping, a road trip to Middlebury, amazing Indian food, a walk around town... I think it was just what both of us needed.

Last night BG had another show. Yeah, on a Monday night. "Metal Monday" it's called. They sounded so awesome.

Chilling this morning before work. Thinking I might do some yoga this morning, once the coffee kicks in. It turns out, I'm not 20 anymore. Staying out late on a school night has its consequences.

Worth. It.

Compassion: It's Not Just for Everyone Else

I have (finally) scheduled a vacation in April. As per my usual habit, I have waited too long to schedule any kind of break for myself and am now in the awkward position of having to care despite having a difficult time of seeing beyond my own burnout.

I have yet to figure out why I continue this habit.

It is at this point where I am doing my best to retain my compassion for my clients. This may be the one massage they are able to afford a year. Maybe they are going through major stresses or life changes. Maybe they're in pain.

They deserve compassion. They deserve the best I can offer. They deserve peace: of mind, body or soul.

I also need to remember, however, that I deserve my own compassion too. Knowing that I've waited too long to pick up the self-care habit and that I'm feeling burnt out, I need to do what I can to support myself for the next few weeks. Whatever I can do to let go and ground, I need to do. If that means spending the morning before work in bed reading…

Daycation: Montreal!

Yesterday (Sunday) morning, Best Guy and I were laying around in bed after having gotten up for a while and then deciding that horizontal was better than vertical, trying to decide what to do with the day. It was gearing up to be a spectacular Lazy Bastard Sunday when I once again voiced my overwhelming need for something - anything - green to prove that the world is not going to get stuck  in Winter.

A half hour later, we are dropping the dog off at Doggie Daycare and heading north to Montreal for the day.


There happens to be a botanical garden up there, and after much driving around and getting the name of it wrong, we found it. Much to my delight, we went in and walked around. Ahhhhhhhhhh.

 I could move in there right now, but it was enough to be able to touch some actual greenery. We couldn't stay long because of Best Guy's allergies, but it was enough to get me through another few weeks in the frozen tundra.

After that, we found BG's favorite music shop…

Swimming in the Muck

We don't really ever understand the pressure we put ourselves under, do we?

We don't notice it. We're so busy going, moving, reaching, running that we put ourselves under tremendous stress for what amount to no good reason. We have all of these goals, things we need to accomplish by such and such a deadline, else we are failures at our own life.

When did it become okay to live like this?

And it's really all in our own heads, too. Other people looking at us aren't saying "Well, jeez. She only did X, Y, and Z this week. She totally didn't do A at all and she didn't even attempt Q." We're the only ones saying that, to ourselves.

I don't know where I'm going with this. I'm certainly not harshing on goal setting. Not by a long shot. I guess I am in the middle of confronting my own expectations right now. For some bizarre reason I thought that I could pack, move, work, renovate and find a new job* all within the space of 30 days. And bec…

Just Show Up.

It's been at least six months since I've attended a yoga class. It is entirely possible that the number is actually higher than six. It has been so long that I've forgotten how long it's been.

And I call myself a yoga teacher.

Actually, I have issues with the term "yoga teacher" as it applies to me. I went through the training, and those I have led in classes seemed to have truly enjoyed my offerings, but the term "teacher" makes me want to shrink back and say "nononononononono".

Many of my yoga friends are confounded by this, and when pressed for an explanation I really can't give one. I am unsure where my hesitation comes from. I guess I don't feel like a teacher. To me, a teacher has been immersed in the subject for many years, has become an expert, someone who has far more knowledge than I could ever hope to have. I still very much feel like a student. Of course, any good teacher will be the first to say that teachers are the e…

Today I Yelled at the Cats. For Being Cats.

That made me feel very big. They wanted to cuddle and I was trying to get things done. I was trying to pay the last of my apartment bills. Then I was on the phone with the cable company trying to figure out why I got a bill when I shouldn't have when one of the cats decides the perfect time to devour my houseplants is when a customer service representative picks up the phone.


It occurred to me that if I had kids the exact same thing would probably happen. Oh, the irony.

I also wasted half a dozen eggs because apparently in the last three months I've forgotten how to hard boil eggs.

Ugh Ugh.

Today is my Sunday. I went into work for three hours. Which is actually five hours if you count the near-hour commute I have.

Ugh Ugh Ugh.

There is something wrong with the dog. He never ate dinner last night and it took him until 3p today to eat anything at all. He barely drank anything in the time I was gone (which is unheard of for him) and he has spent the vast majority of the last…

It's A Boy! And a Girl! And another Boy!

I am, apparently, a pet Momma now. So be forewarned that pet pictures will probably be a new feature of my blog. Let me introduce you to my new wee ones.

The one with the hair sticking up on the left is Bauer. The one in the weirdly impossible position is his sister, Beck. Those are the names they came with when Best Guy adopted them. Something hockey-ish, I'm assuming? I dunno. They love to cuddle and I am convinced that Beck is no ordinary cat, even though she sometimes likes to pretend she is. Her eyes give her away; she says too much with them. Bauer, on the other hand.... he's just a cat. 

This is Buddy. I've posted pictures of him before, but I'm making it official now. He's having some mysterious issues right now that are not easily diagnosed, but are causing him to be very thin. He's still in great spirits and is his usual punk self. He's got me pegged as the softy and tries to get away with an awful lot. Sometimes I let him. 
In other news, the mov…