Friday, February 27, 2015

When it Hits You Like a Ton of Bricks

So, this happened this morning:
Look at all the orbs you say? I'd be the first to admit there are ghosts
 in that bedroom, but I highly doubt orbs from the spirit world make
you sneeze like you're trying to extract your brain through your nose.

Note to self, when moving leave the curtains on the bedroom windows or you'll wake up at 6am even if you don't have to. I'm sure my neighbors really appreciated me hammering on a cast iron bed at 7:30 this morning. But considering they've been known to vacuum at around the same time I don't feel too guilty.

Last night was the last night I'll ever spend in this apartment. Tonight I'm at Best Guy's as it is his birthday. Tomorrow, the Great Move commences.

I was standing in the bedroom marveling at how small it looked without the bed set up, when I was just hit by how far I have journeyed over the last 20 years. This bed has been with me since my first apartment out of college. It used to be my.... great grandmother's? I think? Someone familial.

This piece of furniture has served me very well indeed. And now it's going to serve as the guest room bed at Best Guy's condo, and again in our new home when we sell the condo later this Spring. Yes, I'll be moving again in just a few months. Best Guy has indicated movers will be involved with that one, and I am fully on board.

I am not the person I was 20 years ago. Back then, I dreamed of something like this happening to me, but never believed it would. My self-esteem back then was so low I never actually thought anyone could find me attractive, let alone love me.

But here I am, my dreams coming true.


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