Friday, January 30, 2015

How Much Can I Cram into 30 Days? Let's Find Out.

This week I have begun the process of moving. My highly (overly?) organized self is putting everything into four categories:
  1. Going to Best Guy's immediately
  2. Going into storage for retrieval later on
  3. Going to Goodwill or other charity
  4. Unceremoniously trashing/recycling
I've already made one trip to Goodwill, thrown out two bags and recycled one bin. I've got a large pile of things I'm bringing to Best Guy's and an even larger pile of things to be stored.

In addition to me moving in, BG and I are also doing some minor renovations/updates to his condo. He is selling it and hoping to buy a no-shared-walls home this Spring. So when I am not packing or trashing, I'm picking up paint chips and thinking about how lovely his bathroom would be with pale sage-green walls and the wainscoting painted creme. We'll be tackling a few different projects each weekend with the goal of putting it on the market in March.

In addition addition to me moving in with BG and renovating his condo, I also have a benefit show on the 7th, which I am super excited about. I also also will be walking in a friend's fashion show on the 17th. My friend's stuff is completely, awesomely The Shit and I'm super honored and excited to be asked.

In addition addition addition, it's the busy season in my little ski town and we've got a holiday weekend coming up in the middle of February that will make my wallet sing in happiness and my hands thankful there is a snowbank in which to stick them. However, the commute from new town to ski town is a long one, and not one I can do long-term. I have started the process for looking a new job that is just as awesome as my current one. I think the search is going to be a long one.

This February is filling up fast, and while there is plenty of time to get everything accomplished, I'm beginning to bend a little from the weight of it all. The move is huge for me, both logistically and emotionally. I keep telling myself to breathe and sometimes I even remember to do so. I fully expect at some point I will break down in tears. Dunno when, dunno when, so just be prepared.

Crazy, wonderful, exciting days!

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