Friday, January 9, 2015

It's Officially 2015.

No getting around it, no going back.

I am feeling MUCH better. I spent the better portion of the weekend sleeping and the holiday workload has eased up enough so I don't feel like I'm killing myself slowly anymore. I feel like - a week in to the year - I can finally look up, breathe, and take care of business.

Like vacuuming. Holy god do I need to vacuum.

I also need to get back to eating regular, healthy meals. Between the holidays and this past week where I waffled between wanting to eat nothing and all the tater tots in the known universe, I have seen nary a vegetable in two weeks. That must change. Now. I've made myself a yummy blended lentil soup comprised with pretty much every vegetable in the house that was 3 hours from expiring. It is pretty tasty. I'm also looking to go to the store later to stock up on healthy, quick food items.

It's time to start paying attention again.

Speaking of, now that I'm feeling better it is time to start putting in to practice some of my 2015 goals. Yes yes, those esoteric goals from two posts ago still count. But I actually had a few tangible items I wanted to re-integrate in my life starting in the new year. A couple of them will have to wait a little longer until I can exert significant amounts of energy without hoarking up a lung, but at least one I can start now. My 2015 goals:

  • Start a belly dance drill practice at home. I have been phoning it in for years, and this year I have the opportunity to dance with some local goddesses. It is time to up my game.
  • Re-start my at-home yoga practice. I have done nary a downward facing dog in months, either at home or in a class. I would ideally like to start both at-home and at-class practices back up, but I need to start where I am. And where I am is struggling to find the time to get to a studio. But rolling my mat out in my living room is immediate and I don't have to change out of my pajamas if I don't want to.
  • Re-start my at-home meditation practice. I am a calmer, happier, less bitchy person when I meditate on the regular. 'Nuff said.
These are all easily integrated in to my life, if I just exert a little effort. They will all make me a happier, more content person. So really, there's nothing for it but to do it.

Happy 2015 everyone.

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