The Little One is angry. She is lashing out in cunning, mean little ways. She does not like where I am going. She is terrified of who I am becoming.

She doesn't trust anyone. She's been let down and broken too many times.

She has learned that she isn't deserving of the things everyone else takes for granted. She has turned so far inward that any attempts to reach her are met with growls and claws.

She thinks that I am abandoning Her. She has been with me, protecting me all this time and now I am turning away from Her.

All I can do is hold her close and show her that she is deserving, that she can trust.

She doesn't believe me. But I will not give up. Because the Little One is worth saving. She is Me, I am Her. We are deserving. Trust is our gift.

We are moving forward, together. Becoming something other than what we thought we were.

This is a good, scary, wonderful thing.

Little One, it is okay.


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