Monday, December 15, 2014

This, That, and Calling a Time Out

This weekend was quite the weekend. Saturday night I was supposed to perform in a show, but we got stuck in a snowbank and by the time the solitary tow guy in the world deigned to pull us out, the show was over. Ah well. We found a chinese food place on the way back home and ate until we were all 8 months pregnant with food babies. Nom.

Yesterday, Best Guy and I put up my Christmas tree. We were originally going to do this last Wednesday, but snow storms got in the way. It's all set up and pretty-like now.

Oh yeah... I made Best Guy his first "Christmas" ornament ever:
Mazel Tov!

It was the first one we put on the tree. Judaism Represent!!!!

After we put up the tree, we took a little walk around town to get some fresh air.

I do believe our "Cute Couple" rating is off the charts.

Today was the mad dash to get the majority of my Christmas shopping done, as time will be extra tight next week. The more I ran around today, the more out of sorts and unhappy I became. It got to the point where I was in the car fighting back tears. I wasn't even sure why.

So I called a time-out at 1:00 in the afternoon. I finished one last stop and then I went home. I decided that nothing more holiday-related was going to come into my awareness, I was not responsible for anyone or anything, and I was going to spend the rest of the day cozied up in my girl cave (aka my apartment).

The thing is, this time of year can be extremely overwhelming. You worry that you can't afford to get your loved ones what they really want and how much weight you'll gain because of those glorious holiday treats that only come out once a year. You worry about the weather and if you'll be able to get to/from work without having an accident. Loved ones who are no longer around are missed keenly. Or maybe your not-so-loved ones take your last nerve and play Cat's Cradle with it.
Frayed nerves being twisted to and fro? This time of year? Naaaaaah.

There is so much social/cultural pressure this time of year to go the extra distance and to force the jolly that it can be too much. So calling a time-out? Perfectly reasonable and legit. It's called Honoring Yourself. It's okay to acknowledge your limits and when you've pushed beyond them. It's okay to say "I need to not do this, not focus on this for an hour/a day." Hell, it's okay to say "Screw this. I'm skipping everything and going on a cruise to Tahiti. See you January 5th."

Since I can't afford a cruise to Tahiti, I'm settling for an afternoon on the couch, in my jammies and under a blanket. Bad movies on the TV, laptop on my lap. Tonight, I have no responsibilities and am beholden to nothing and nobody. Tomorrow, I'll be back and ready to go.

But tonight? Unless you've got alcohol and/or chocolate and a DVD of something with lots of explosions, I'm not interested.

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