Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Artistic Endeavors

 My grandmother painted this. It was just something she did sometimes. It is, most ironically enough, a picture of the town in which I currently work. Heck, my current place of employment is the red brick building. Kinda ironic, especially considering she most likely painted it before I was born.

Mom is pretty sure she either painted it from memory or an old photo, because there is some definite artistic license taken with the geography. I know exactly the view she's looking at based on the landmarks, but there are a lot of buildings missing that would have been there when she painted it. It's a quaint little town and such places tend not to change that much.

My grandmother was an untrained artist. She was also a nurse in World War 2 (where she met my biological grandfather), later on a career nurse and mother and stepmother, a library volunteer, an author, and an all 'round amazing lady.

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