Monday, November 17, 2014

When is a Gas Station not a Gas Station?

This past Saturday, I stopped to get gas on my way home from work. I pulled into the only available (and appropriate for my car) pump at the station, got out and proceeded to fill my car and clean my windshield. Note to self... get wiper fluid.

Anyway, there was this car in the pump in front of mine, just sitting there. And sitting there. And sitting there. I thought it was pretty weird, but hey this is Vermont and weird is a matter of course.

I finish up, pay at the pump (best invention ever), and get in my car to leave. I put my car into reverse to go around the car still sitting in front of me, and as I reverse she starts to pull forward. We both repeat. I try to indicate that I was pulling out and around, and she just kept telling me to go already. So I reverse again and she pulls up insanely close to my car, rolls down the window and tells me that the next time I stop to get gas I shouldn't pull right in front of someone who was trying to leave. She then pulls out, flips me off multiple times and speeds away.

Over the course of those maybe 10 minutes I took to fill my tank, she could have left 20 times over. Seriously, she wasn't blocked in. AT ALL. She had multiple options. Sure, most of them involved putting her car in reverse, but still. She could have left at any time.

Instead, she literally sat there for 10 minutes stewing in her own perceived injustice, just waiting for the moment she could tell me just how inconsiderate, rude, and misbehaved I was.

It was a good lesson for me on two fronts:
  1. When something of this caliber happens, it is far better to laugh at the ridiculousness of it than take it personally. Because this farce was not at all about me.
  2. The next time I get all worked up about some perceived injustice, I need to take a moment and step back and make sure that it's not all of my own making.
Crazy days, people. Crazy days.

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