Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Things I Am Learning

  • Gratitude. Be grateful for every. Single. Thing. 
  • You think you need more. Maybe you do. Maybe you need less. What would less look like?
  • "I love you." Both saying it and hearing it is the most freeing thing in the world.
  • Speaking my Truth is not going to alienate people. And if it does, why dafuck are they in my life to begin with?
  • Anyone who dims your light is not someone you need to be around. Find the people who revel in your light so you can revel in theirs.
  • Perfection is not something I will ever attain. Cutting myself some slack because I'll never get there is not being lazy, nor does it mean I'm a failure.
  • Not being able to wipe that smile off my face is a damned good thing.
  • The Universe provides, in Its own time and way. Meaning, It thinks my timeframe is a load of hooey and my way is laughable. But still.... It provides.
  • There is really only one thing that tops puppy and kitty snuggles.
  • Best Guy snuggles.
Gratitude for all the things.

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