Thursday, November 27, 2014

Over the River and Through the Woods...

You are welcome for that ear worm.

I think every kid in America has grown up singing that song this time of year. It used to flummox us (and this was back in the early '80's, mind you). "Why is it snowing at Thanksgiving?" we'd always ask our music teacher, and she'd mutter something about things being different back in the old days.


There really isn't all that much snow on the ground here and by the time I get going the roads should be fairly clear. Still, it's a little weird. Snow on Thanksgiving?

We are headed up to Mom's house today (which I guess would be Grandmother's house if my brother or I would pop out kids but ha. Ha ha ha.) Instead of the usual turkey feast we are going as Southern as our Northern mindset will allow us. Barbeque ribs, jalepeno cornbread, potato salad, a broccoli slaw I made, collard greens and pie (possibly of the sweet potato variety, definitely of the raspberry variety). It was unfortunately pointed out to me too late that mac n' cheese is a legit side in the South so we won't be having that. We'll do better next time, I promise.

Big Deal of the day - Best Guy is coming with so he'll get to meet the fam damily. Ironically enough, I'm more worried about me than him. I know he'll be great and everyone will love him. I, however, have a tendency to get all goobery and awkward when I try to introduce my different boxes to each other. Good thing mom promise booze.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! May it be safe, warm, and filled with the people that you love most in this world.

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