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Over the River and Through the Woods...

You are welcome for that ear worm.

I think every kid in America has grown up singing that song this time of year. It used to flummox us (and this was back in the early '80's, mind you). "Why is it snowing at Thanksgiving?" we'd always ask our music teacher, and she'd mutter something about things being different back in the old days.


There really isn't all that much snow on the ground here and by the time I get going the roads should be fairly clear. Still, it's a little weird. Snow on Thanksgiving?

We are headed up to Mom's house today (which I guess would be Grandmother's house if my brother or I would pop out kids but ha. Ha ha ha.) Instead of the usual turkey feast we are going as Southern as our Northern mindset will allow us. Barbeque ribs, jalepeno cornbread, potato salad, a broccoli slaw I made, collard greens and pie (possibly of the sweet potato variety, definitely of the raspberry variety). It was unfortunately pointed out to me…

Performance: Jai Guru Deva

This past Saturday I had another performance. Best Guy was kind enough to video it for me, so here you go! :-)

When is a Gas Station not a Gas Station?

This past Saturday, I stopped to get gas on my way home from work. I pulled into the only available (and appropriate for my car) pump at the station, got out and proceeded to fill my car and clean my windshield. Note to self... get wiper fluid.

Anyway, there was this car in the pump in front of mine, just sitting there. And sitting there. And sitting there. I thought it was pretty weird, but hey this is Vermont and weird is a matter of course.

I finish up, pay at the pump (best invention ever), and get in my car to leave. I put my car into reverse to go around the car still sitting in front of me, and as I reverse she starts to pull forward. We both repeat. I try to indicate that I was pulling out and around, and she just kept telling me to go already. So I reverse again and she pulls up insanely close to my car, rolls down the window and tells me that the next time I stop to get gas I shouldn't pull right in front of someone who was trying to leave. She then pulls out, flips me o…

Let Your Flag Fly (It Doesn't Even Have to be Freaky)

I am not much of a sharer.

Says the girl with the blog who puts her shit on display for anyone who wishes to see.

Okay, so let me rephrase that.

Most of my relationships (family, friends, partners, etc) stay in their separate boxes. Rarely do the yoga peeps meet the belly dancing peeps, the massage peeps the sci-fi peeps, or the family peeps the friendly peeps. Sometimes the boxes overlap, but for the most part they don't.

Whenever I get box cross-over, I get nervous. I start to worry that they won't like what I find intriguing/uplifting/fascinating/whatever and will have a bad time or be bored. And for me, somehow the fact that they aren't having as good a time as I am is the Worst. Thing. Ever. That I am a weirdo for liking what I do, and I should know better than to share it with anyone outside the box it belongs in.

So, I am not much of a sharer. Which makes things difficult in good relationships because that's what you do. You share yourself.

I am very good at su…


This past weekend Best Guy had a gig in Southern New Hampshire, so we packed up his car and headed South for the weekend. Who knew all you had to do to see some sunshine was to leave Vermont?

Since we had the time and we were close, on Sunday we headed over to York, ME to wander around a little and meet his cousin for some lunch before heading back to VT.

It was a fun little weekend!

Things I Am Learning

Gratitude. Be grateful for every. Single. Thing. You think you need more. Maybe you do. Maybe you need less. What would less look like?"I love you." Both saying it and hearing it is the most freeing thing in the world.Speaking my Truth is not going to alienate people. And if it does, why dafuck are they in my life to begin with?Anyone who dims your light is not someone you need to be around. Find the people who revel in your light so you can revel in theirs.Perfection is not something I will ever attain. Cutting myself some slack because I'll never get there is not being lazy, nor does it mean I'm a failure.Not being able to wipe that smile off my face is a damned good thing.The Universe provides, in Its own time and way. Meaning, It thinks my timeframe is a load of hooey and my way is laughable. But still.... It provides.There is really only one thing that tops puppy and kitty snuggles.Best Guy snuggles. Gratitude for all the things.


Today I did an employee massage. Meaning, instead of making a commission that goes into my weekly paycheck, I got paid directly in cash, which goes directly in my pocket.


That doesn't much help my electric bill, but it did mean I was able to go to the grocery store and stock up. For $40, I bought:

One package organic extra-firm tofuOne bunch organic rainbow chard1 lb bag of organic carrots10oz bag regular celery hearts (couldn't find a price for the organic version)a huge spanish onion8 oz regular mushroomsbunch of regular bananas10oz bag of frozen organic broccolibag of dried lentilsbag of dried kidney beansbag of dried pinto beansvacuum pack of almond milkbox of cereal for Best Guyregular rotisserie chicken2 organic lemons I did my best to buy things that weren't one-use items and things that had a lot of nutrition in them, especially since I'm trying very hard not to come down with anything. Hence the lemons (I've been drinking my Magic Elixir for two wee…