Friday, October 31, 2014

When Life Gives you Lemons, You Hoard that Shit

The bi-annual Work Slow Down is officially upon me. Eek. I did not make enough money this summer to make it through until the season re-starts in December.

But you know this, because I've said it like eight gazillion times.

I paid my first of the month bills today. I had enough to cover them in the bank, but I am worried about the things due next week. I'm not going to make enough this week to cover them. I have enough in the bank to pay them, thankfully, but shit's about to get real.

Usually, when I start getting freaked out about budget stuff I go to the grocery store to buy food. Because ironically enough that makes me feel safe. Worried about the electric bill? Stock up on dry goods. Don't ask.

Since I really need to curb my food budget, instead of buying food I went through my cupboards and cooked instead. I made a huge thing of rice to eat off for the next few days and was able to cobble together some chili, bulked up with frozen vegetables and leftover bread bits from an old recipe.

I have plenty to get through the next couple of weeks. I am a clever girl who can actually cook and bake, and I have enough in my pantry to do just fine, thank you. Any cash tip money I make will go to refilling the food coffers. I just need to remember not to eat myself out of house and home, because that's another stress reliever of mine. Eating.

I will be okay. Sometimes I just need to write that down and say it out loud.

In the meantime... know anyone who need a massage?

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