Friday, October 24, 2014

Redecoration Process Complete

Hello all. I'd like to introduce all of you to my new heater:

Isn't it... oversized and unwieldy? But it works. In fact, I turned it on last night after I got home. It smelled funny but I was told that would happen. Ten minutes later, Best Guy looks up and says "is it really hazy in here?"

Yes, yes it was.

Thus began my frantic run to open all the windows and doors and air it out before the fire alarm went off. Because I am terrified of the fire alarm.

So today I've been pulsing it on and off to start burning out the dust and bad smells. It looks like the worst of the dust got blown out last night, so I'm grateful. The smell is still there, but I can handle that so long as the smoke doesn't come back.

I think this heater is going to work very well for me. Now I can commence worrying that they installed it too high on the wall for my low ceilings and the sheer heat will set off the fire alarm. Which has happened to me. At 3am. Which is why I am terrified of fire alarms.

Welcome to my crazy brain.

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