Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I finally had to give in and turn my heat on yesterday. I tried to make it to November 1st, I really did. But when you turn the heat on to 60 degrees and it kicks on right away, it's time.

I've got the icky electric heat on now, but only for a few more days. This heater is getting replaced:

As you can see, it's been an excellent shelf for the time that I've lived in this apartment. I had a falling out with the gas company who owned it (worst customer service EVER) and since I had another heating option - albeit a far more expensive one - I chose not to give them my money. Shooting myself in the foot? Maybe. Saving myself tons of headaches and frustrations? Worth it.

On Thursday morning, my landlord will be ripping this old model out and replacing it with a newer model and a new gas company. One with whom I have been with before and have always had good experiences.

So, between a new heater and the insulation that went up on the outside of the apartment building this summer, I should have a toasty warm winter. As toasty warm as 65 degrees can get, anyway.

But since I'll now be using my new heater for its intended purpose, I'll need to find new homes for everything on it. And also the chair, because where it is located now would be considered a fire hazard for a running heater. So if I move this there, that over here, and put that in another room...

I may have too much stuff.

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