Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Oh, Hai.

Please ignore this ridiculously happy girl over here.

One thing I strive for on this blog is honesty... because if I can't be honest with myself and what I'm experiencing, what is the point? However, I also realize that what I post here can have repercussions if I'm not careful. Granted, my viewership is small but it is out there for anyone to find should they wish to do so.

But this blog is about my journey through this life and that includes ups, downs, and everything in between. And let's face it, I'm the Queen of playing things close to the vest. When something truly matters to me, I often won't say anything. I'll keep it inside, hoarding it if it's something good or hiding it if it's something painful. I am trying to get better at speaking because as the saying goes, sharing is caring.

So... in that vein... I feel I would be doing myself a disservice if I didn't admit (freely and with no provocation) that I am utterly in love with Someone Special.


*Cue overly sappy instrumental music*

It's new. It's exciting. It is amazingly complicated and surprisingly simple, all at the same time. And I'm pretty sure that's how it's supposed to work. I swing between glitter rainbows and unicorns and being terrified of fucking things up. I get the nervous giggles whenever I'm around him and I cannot. stop. GRINNING.

My heart has burst open and I couldn't pull the pieces back together, even if I wanted to. I've got it bad, y'all. And it is so very, very wonderful.

Deliriously Happy Kate enjoys life

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