Thursday, October 23, 2014

Evil Bits of Paper that Control your Life

Oh, finances. How I abhor thee.

This has been a lean year work-wise. It is not specific to my place of work, and others in my town are feeling a similar pinch. We're not exactly sure where it's coming from, but my thought is many people are being diverted to a larger place up the road. Hey, it happens. It's the box store effect.

I still think we'll be fine come winter, but this summer was spare and I simply have not made the funds necessary to weather the late-fall slow season. This, coupled with the fact that virtually all of my expenses have increased this year, is making me nervous.

I hate being nervous about money.

It's such a stupid thing to have to worry about. I mean, it's not even real. Money is just pieces of paper and bits of metal we all agree have value. Hell, in today's digital world it's not even that. It's just numbers on a screen.

I'm getting worried over numbers on a freaking screen.


I may very well need to take on a second job. This is something I loathe to do but I may have no choice. Hell, I'm considering getting an office job. I love being a massage therapist. But it's not an easy life. It takes a toll on you physically, mentally, and emotionally. And unless you are one of the lucky few, you are always hustling for the next commission. As much as I would prefer not to take an office job, not having to worry about taking unpaid time off, buying groceries, or even buying new clothes after wearing out the last batch you bought two years ago makes cubicle dwelling a tad more appealing.

God damn money. Harumph.

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