Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sparky People Week... uh.... 4?

Five pounds down as of today. My scale actually tracks percentages (like 142.4) but I'm intentionally not keeping track of those this time around as we know how I can get about minutiae.

I had a lot of social type things last week so diligent tracking was spotty at best. I just tried to make the best choices I could under the circumstances and not worry too much. Because hell, it's not like I have friends from Florida come to visit every day. I also didn't worry about what I consumed during the fire circle because 1) I actually didn't eat that much all things considered and 2) I WALKED IN A CIRCLE FOR 7 FREAKING HOURS.

I'm officially at the halfway point of this journey. Just 5 more pounds to go. This is usually the second place I can get derailed. I'm feeling pretty good in my body and clothes, maybe this is good enough, maybe I can start relaxing a little bit.

Uh... no.

Although something I will have to keep in mind is that my goal weight is only 2 pounds above the goal weight I chose 10 years ago when I did Weight Watchers. I am now a decade older, not sitting in an office 40 hours a week anymore, much more active in job and life, and have more muscle mass than I ever did last time around. This where I'm going to have to pay attention. Will my body really maintain my goal weight, or was it chosen in vanity? Or am I telling myself stories that I can't have what I once did? Only time will tell. The key will be to try to remove my ego from the process as much as possible.

Ha. Ha ha ha.

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